La Danta Salvaje

Conservation dream. Abundant wildlife, boarders national park and volcano access. Primary rainforest in need of continued protection. 


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Consisting of over 323 hectares (798 acres) of primary growth bordering Braulio Carrillo National Park, the reserve forms part of the invaluable buffer zone necessary in preserving the integrity of the park and its surrounding area. It forms part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.

% Primary Forest
KM Border with National Park
FT WaterFall


Located on the lush Caribbean slopes of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, LA DANTA SALVAJE was founded in 1989 as a private forest reserve to protect the Costa Rican rainforest.

La Danta Salvaje

This is a rare opportunity to own and protect one of Costa Rica’s genuine gems of biodiversity. La Danta Salvaje is a place of phenomenal beauty, majesty and peace. Its almost 800 acres are abundant with wildlife and are made up of 98% primary forest in absolutely pristine condition, with one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the whole country embedded right at its heart


La Danta Salvaje sits within the Cordillera Volcanica Central Forest Reserve, and it shares a 3 kilometer-long border with the immense Braulio Carillo National Park which is an important stronghold for the jaguar. It is a valuable link in the network of National Parks and private reserves that run the length of the volcanic chain, creating a vital migration corridor that crosses the entire country. This in turn is an integral component of the much larger Mesoamerican Biological Corridor which runs all the way from Mexico to Panama. The Danta helps to provide a natural land bridge for jaguars and countless other species to travel safely through the mountains. The Jaguar Project considers it a conservation imperative that this important biodiversity haven passes on into continued responsible environmental stewardship.

The property has been enrolled in the Payments for Environmental Services system since 1997. It receives an annual cheque for $19,000 from the Costa Rican Government’s National Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO) in order to help the owner to finance it’s protection, and there are 2 more annual payments pending before the contract requires renewal.


The Danta Salvaje property includes a rustic main lodge that has an open dining room and a wood-fire kitchen. At its side sits another 2-bedroom cabin, and between the two of them they can comfortably sleep 12 people. These cabins are perched on the edge of the dramatic Rio Corinto canyon offering literally breathtaking views of Cacho Negro volcano and the distant cordillera stretching all the way down to the Caribbean coast. There are 15 kilometers of well kept trails which head out from the cabins in all directions leading you to multiple enchanting waterfalls and swimming holes. The winning combination of the stunning scenery and vibrant biodiversity makes a visit to the Danta Salvaje one the highlights of anyone’s trip to Costa Rica. The 12-bed cabins provide the perfect basic infrastructure for the creation of a high quality, low-impact eco-experience in complete harmony with nature.

  • Spectacular mountain vistas rich in fauna (95% primary forest)
  • 3 km shared border with Braulio Carrillo National Park
  • Functioning eco-lodge (sleeps 12)3 breathtaking waterfalls
  • 2 bordering rivers
  • 15 km of hiking trails
  • Access to Irazu Volcano

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