Hacienda Tenorio

Conservation dream. Bordering Tenorio Volcano makes this a geothermal energy potential  or solar farm. 11,000 acres for an ambitious reforesting project. The Potential is endless. 

Hacienda Tenorio

Dating back in history to 1812, Hacienda Tenorio is one of the oldest and largest haciendas in Costa Rica. Currently, it is a working cattle ranch and consists of approximately 11,000 acres (44 square kilometers) with 2,400 of those acres used for teakwood regrowth.

Squard KM
Border with Tenorio National Park


Located about 45 minutes from the Liberia International Airport with primary airline service to the USA and other locations. Beaches and the Pacific Ocean is approximately 1.5 hours distance

Hacienda Tenorio

This piece of land is unique in that it reaches the slopes of Tenorio National Park and Tenorio Volcano. This hacienda is bound on the east and west by two significant rivers. The property currently has governmentally approved water concessions up to 99,000,000 liters of water per day. In the middle of the hacienda is a major paved road with a frontage of 19 kilometers, and it has public services.

What comes with the property

The idea is to sell the entire operation (cattle, horses, machinery). The employees and management will go with the sale, if desired. There is approximately 2,000 head of cattle and 150 horses. Facilities included are the main house, a villa, houses for employees, a swimming pool, and agricultural machinery (tractor d6 b and d6c, seven grasshoppers).

Environmental Potential

This land is strategic in its environmental potential due to its location and its current situation. The suggested potential all fall under the category of conservation, maintaining and rewilding this land, and having a positive impact should always be at the forefront of all potential possibilities.

Carbon absorption

Having two river systems flowing through the property would allow the hacienda to become a reforestation project, which would be allowed to lease out sections to carbon credit organizations that help ensure this maintenance and longevity.

Alternative energy

Being strategically located next to a Tenorio Volcano makes this a prime spot for possible geothermal research and development.

Composed of 11,000 acres, with most of it cleared and flat – solar research is another great option. It is located in the drier state of Guanacaste, receiving more than 300 sunny days per year.

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