Our commitment to conservation

We're committed to enabling on-the-ground conservations efforts addressing multiple needs.

Land conservation

We act as a conduit, linking rural rainforest landowners with conservation-focused investors interested in purchasing their property for preservation.

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Economic collaboration

We foster local empowerment and awareness through providing job opportunities in rural communities, focusing on reforestation and forest caretaking roles, while promoting environmental conservation.

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Local projects

Support local hands-on efforts to address reforestation and the protection of critical habitats, wildlife tracking through non-invasive manners, and indigenous awareness.

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Conservation Land

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Each project is critical to the preservation of the delicate ecosystem

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Making the connection

Connecting Corridors

Only 25%, We Need 33% More

Currently, only 25% of Costa Rica is protected. The biological corridors needed to guarantee the future make up 33% of the unprotected land.

Technology and Biodiversity

Protect the freedom to roam for both people and wildlife through guaranteed habitat building and preservation.

Freedom and Protection

Using the latest technology to esure the existance of these natural landscapes for future generations.