Connecting corridors, creating rainforest reserves, and providing a platform for rural landowners


How it works

Enabling individuals, and organizations to purchase conservation land for a purpose.


Our Goals

sell enough land to conservation-minded individuals to guarantee the continued protection of this important wildlife corridor and ecosystem. All While supporting local conservation efforts.

support rainforest environment conservation

Future Vision

Our future vision is to create a leading research biological and technological reserve. This will train future conservation innovators to lead the next generation of tropical rainforest research.

Nonprofit Organization

EIN: 84 – 3803196
Subsection: 501(c)3
USA Based
Donations are tax deductible


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100% of Donations

All the donations received go directly towards the projects. Financial reports will be provided. 

Creations of Reserves

Help us create and own rainforest reserves all across Costa Rica.

Connecting Land Owners

We provide a platform for landowners to connect and sell their land to conservation minded buyers.

Local Jobs

Provide jobs to guides and guardians for for each rainforest reserve.

We protect forests and promote sustainable, economic growth in rural communities​

Conservation Land

Make an impact and find a conservation property


Projects and ways to get involved

Jaguar Research

Local Project


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every dollar counts

Buy Your Own Property

Own your own piece of conservation

Our Future Vision

Only 25%, We Need 33% More

All Around Conservation

Grow Jungles serves as a bridge that connects rainforest landowners with conservation-minded investors. We act as a conduit to help ensure that funds that are earmarked for the benefit of the environment are channeled to the right place. Our ultimate goal is to increase the protected lands around national parks and connect vital corridors to guarantee a thriving biodiversity for future generations.

Our Growing Partners

We are honored to have these amazing partners in conservation