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Q. What is “Grow Jungles”?

We are Grow Jungles; a conservation-minded group that enables sellers of vast acres of lands to get in contact with potential buyers who seek properties for conservation purpose.

Essentially, we are an environment conservationist group that encourage land-based entrepreneurs and consumers to interact with each other through our platform.

Q. What can I do with the property?

You can build homes or ecological reserve. We can provide you with builders who are environmentally aware. 

Q. Do you offer any After-Sale service?

Yes, we offer Security Service to interested landowners. As part of this scheme, Grow Jungles work with the local community in defending and keeping watchful eyes over your property. To ensure that proactive measures are implemented, Grow Jungles hire guards to walk through the property to make sure that no illegal activities are happening. Depending on the type of property, we would also assist in trail building to ensure the prolonged preservation of your property.


Yes! Subject to the satisfaction of every Clause, Deed or Regulation on the property (if any), our showcased lands are unique and can be monetized to the extent of any legitimate and reasonable business plan.


Each property is unique and has the potential to pay out for itself. Being known for its sustainability, there will be minimal impact of eco-tourism. The properties will assure that the forest remains preserved through the governmental program known as FONAFIFO. Additionally, consumers have the option to make use of medical and yoga retreat centers with emphasis on eco-awareness.

Q. How do I know this land will be protected later on?

We work with both the buyer and a team of environmental lawyers to draw up the proper environmental easement for the buyer and the land. The properties do not come with easements in place; we sit down with each buyer and delineate a deed to safeguard your futuristic interests in the land.

Q. Do I fully own the land?

Yes, the foundation of each sale is to ensure that every interest in land is transferred to the buyer. Grow Jungles will be with you on every step of the way to your conservation dream.  

Q. What is Grow Jungles’ primary goal?

We want to sell enough properties to conservation-minded individuals to eventually create a national park.

We are conducting research using trail cameras and drones. 

We are also in the process of creating a machine learning and pattern recognition program that will help identify animal species in large quantities. 

Q. Why are we starting in Costa Rica?

We chose Costa Rica because of its friendly natured people who are well versed in conservation. 

Q. What type of Deed will be recorded for the purchase?

Good question. We will be using a Warranty Deed which is the best and safest of all deed types. We will undertake all legal-due-diligence to ensure a clear title to your new property.

Q. Can I visit the property before I decide to purchase it?

Absolutely, Grow Jungles will give you the address or specific GPS coordinates to help you locate it as well. We also encourage our prospective landowners to visit the land at crucial points to ensure it meets their high expectations.

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