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Costa Rica Environmental Sustainability

The Eco-Challenge

More life is found in jungles than any other terrestrial habitat on earth. These vital ecosystems also create six percent of the world’s oxygen. You would think that humanity would make it a priority to protect these rainforests.

But that’s not always the case.

Jungles are being destroyed to create farms for palm oil, pineapple and banana trees.  In addition, illegal gold mining operations and poaching in many regions that were once silent forests exist. Many rivers have also been dammed to create hydroelectric energy.

Unfortunately, these large industrial projects are drying riverbeds that once fed ecosystems and contribute to the further destruction of these rainforests.

Four to six percent of the earth’s biodiversity is found just in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a leader in conservation compared to the rest of Latin America. More than 25 percent of its landmass is protected. However, the country still has a poor track record when it comes to deforestation.

If the destruction of these ecosystems continue, there won’t be any forest left to absorb greenhouse gases.

When this happens, these areas will emit carbon dioxide, stop producing life-giving oxygen, and contribute to climate change.

Our Solution And Why Are Seeking Donations

All donations will help the local economy by hiring people to build and maintain trails, work as guides, and help defend the conservation efforts in the local communities.

Grow Jungles is a 501 (c)3 U.S. non-profit organization and will expand to other Latin America countries as it begins to develop relationships with other local communities.

Your donation to Grow Jungles will help to preserve the rainforest and create employment to improve the local economy.

Thank you for your support.

“There is no single concept of nature; it embraces everything that is fluid, changing, and mysterious. Ultimately, however, to “know nature” on earth is to live within it and to revere it in every way.” – Carolyn Merchant

Ways to donate towards Rainforest Conservation

Donate directly to Grow Jungles and the Creation of its rainforest Reserve. 

Add Amazon Smile to your account so that Amazon can donate to Grow Jungles.

Donate directly to the Golden Shadow to expand jaguar research in Costa Rica.