our mission


Grow Jungles ensures the continuation of the protection of all biodiversity, ecosystems, and local community outreach. Conservation through the protection of land and community lead while supporting local projects and nonprofit collaboration.


Our vision is to be the go-to resource for connecting conservationist land buyers with rainforest territory owners looking to sell, with the interest of saving threatened ecosystems and transforming the lives of the people affected by them. 

Our Core Values

Transparency: We create a transparent environment for everyone involved, including donors, buyers, sellers. and community leaders.

Integrity: We maintain an unwavering commitment to upholding our mission and vision in complete transparency and through ethical and moral actions.

Respect: We welcome all perspectives, talents, and ideas, not only from our staff but from the entire community we serve. We also uphold a high level of respect for all animal and plant life.

Direct action: We believe that we can affect the greatest changes through a boots-on-the ground and grassroots approach to action, working in partnership with every person, regardless of their position.

Self-awareness: We believe we are judged by our actions and the ways in which we interact with the natural world. We acknowledge the importance of being aware of our own strengths and weaknesses in fostering lasting change and saving our world.