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Jimmy Jimenez Gomez

Embark on an unprecedented journey into the heart of the rainforest and directly support local communities. Seize this opportunity now to unleash your inner explorer and truly live the adventure of a lifetime!

Immerse yourself in the timeless tale of Jimmy Jimenez Gomez, a proud Costa Rican, whose lineage has been intertwined with the mesmerizing mountains of Braulio Carrillo for generations. His soul stirs with the mysterious whisperings of Cacho Negro and the Sarapiqui region, a realm where every step might awaken a fer-de-lance snake, a jaguar might prowl in the shadows, and untold secrets lie in wait. Amidst these forests, rivers flow unseen, and waterfalls that could outshine the world’s most famous cascade in obscurity, untamed and undisturbed, unseen in any travel chronicle.

Revered as a local legend, Sarapiqui echoes with tales of Jimmy, the man who became one with the mountain. His childhood was a rhythm of hunting, a common pursuit in this rugged terrain. Years he spent interpreting the animals’ movements, decoding the tale told by their trails, predicting their destinations. The thrill of the chase gradually transformed into a deep respect for the magic of these mountains and a realization dawned upon him – the importance of every life within this intricate web of nature.

Fuelled by this newfound wisdom, Jimmy set about changing his course. No longer the hunter, he became the guide, shepherding adventurers on multi-day expeditions into these untouched territories, awakening in them a reverence for this captivating wilderness. His mission of conservation isn’t just to save nature but to illuminate its true significance to humanity.

To partake in Jimmy’s mission, you can connect directly with him through the provided WhatsApp number +506 8766 3968, or alternatively, reach out to GrowJungles via email. GrowJungles stands firm in its commitment to empowering local individuals like Jimmy, ensuring that all expedition fees go straight to the conservation champions themselves, with no deductions. Here at GrowJungles, we believe that supporting conservation isn’t just about saving trees, but also about sustaining the communities who call these enchanting lands their home. Join us, join Jimmy, in weaving a tale of adventure, awareness, and change.


Contact Jimmy Directly via WhatsApp +506 8766 3968

or reach directly to Grow Jungles to be connected to Jimmy

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Treks & Adventures

The Twin Waterfalls

$300 / Per Person

Nestled deep within the lush expanse of the Braulio Carrilo forest, at the foot of Cacho Negro, lie the enigmatic Twin Waterfalls. They await at the end of a thrilling three-day, 50-kilometer trek through the heart of the dense wilderness, offering nights of rest beneath the towering forest canopy.

Top of Cacho Negro

$200 / Per person

Embark on a thrilling ascent through the dense forest to the summit of this dormant volcano, shrouded in mystery. This two-day, 30-kilometer trek challenges you with not just the thickness of the jungle but also the steep altitude incline

Caballon & Moron Waterfall

$200 / Per Person

Don’t be misled by its brevity; this trek to Caballon Morado brims with adventure, challenging terrains, and abundant wildlife. Spanning over two days and approximately 20 kilometers, this experience is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that promises unforgettable thrills.