El Tigre y La Mona

Conservation dream. Located in Osa Costa Rica. Borders Piedras Blacas National Park and Gulfo Dulce Forest Reserve.  An Abundance of Wildlife. 


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This 500 hectare or 1235 acres rainforest property contains everything one could imagine- adventure, rainforest, exotic plant and animal species, and endangered wildlife. This property forms part of an invaluable buffer zone next to Piedras Blancas National Park.

% Primary Forest
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Located near the small town of Chacarita, it’s about 185 Kilometers or 114 miles from San Jose. The best way to get there from San Jose is on the coastal highway that takes approximately 4- 5 hours or the alternative Cerro de La Muerte.

El Tigre y La Mona

Unleash your inner adventurer and seize the opportunity of a lifetime with El Tigre y La Mona, a property that sings an enticing century-old song of a jaguar and a monkey. Boasting magnificent views of the Sierpe Lagoon and the breathtaking Piedras Blanca’s National Park, this conservation property is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Biological Location

Nestled comfortably in the arms of the Osa Corridor, El Tigre y La Mona shares its vibrant existence with the nearby Piedras Blanca’s National Park and Gulfo Dulce Forest Reserve. Its prime location marks it as an indispensable safeguard for the region’s rich biodiversity. This is the land of a lush, hot, and humid climate that sees generous rainfall, keeping it pulsating with life throughout the year.

The area proudly stands as one of the country’s premier bird-watching hotspots, as recognized by Costa Rica’s national tourism board. Yet, the spectacle of avian diversity is just the beginning. The property also shares a corridor with the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, which is a verdant haven for three monkey species – the white-faced, spider, and howler monkey. Keep an eye out for an impressive array of wildlife including anteaters, coatimundis, jaguars, ocelots, margays, dart frogs, and agoutis.

As you explore, watch the sky for a flamboyant display of color and song, as scarlet macaws, toucans, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, woodcreepers, and trogons paint a vivid backdrop against the emerald canopy.

Prime Location

Perched near the quaint town of Chacarita, El Tigre y La Mona is a scenic 185 kilometers (114 miles) journey from San Jose. The coastal highway or the Cerro de La Muerte offer thrilling routes to this conservation paradise. Chacarita, with its humble and hardworking locals, offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Nearby, miles of coastal beach offer perfect surfing conditions, and a short drive south leads to the La Carverna de Corredores, a jungle wonderland of impressive stalactites.

Preservation with Potential

The property sprawls over 500 hectares, featuring a diverse terrain and a small plateau near the source of a 15-foot waterfall, which could be an ideal location for a potential reserve headquarters or eco-living home. An old forest road waits to be rediscovered and can be refurbished for 4×4 vehicle use.

Currently, the owners are preserving this bio-rich area and running a small farm of red beans, giving a glimpse of the potential for sustainable living. El Tigre Y La Mona is your chance to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, all while living on the doorstep of the legendary Corcovado National Park. Take the leap, claim this once-in-a-lifetime chance, and create your own adventure in the heart of Costa Rica’s mesmerizing wilderness.

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