In the Footsteps of the Jaguar: A Journey into the Heart of Jaguar Territory

In the year 2014, amidst the bustling city life of Paris, a new journey was unfolding. Artist Tico Haroutiounian found himself captivated by a vision of mystical allure. Locked behind the bars of a Parisian zoo, was a  Melanic jaguar (Panthera onca), exuding a captivating beauty and aura that held Tico spellbound. His attraction was […]

Successful Reforestation Project in Osa Peninsula Reforestation is a crucial and necessary step to prevent biodiversity loss. The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, with over 2.5% of the world’s species. Unfortunately, the rainforest in the region has been under threat for years due to development. Grow Jungles, dedicated to reforestation and many […]

Life in Costa Rica Before Spanish Conquest

Before the arrival of the Spanish at the beginning of the 16th century, indigenous populations lived in the region for at least 10,000 years. Historians reference four main indigenous tribes residing in autonomous tribes, each having their own distinct culture and customs – Caribs, Borucus, Chibchas, and Diquis. Before the conquest, you would have seen […]

Talamanca: Conservations Next Frontier

Waterfall Ayil

The Cordillera de Talamanca stretch from the Southeast half of Costa Rica to just inside the far western border of Panama. It rises from the Caribbean up to over 12,000 ft and drops down on the other side to the Pacific Ocean. The mountain range is home to two of the largest peaks in two […]

Costa Rica’s Legendary Environmentalist: Alcides Parajeles

Called the “peasant environmentalist,” Alcides Parajeles has endured threats, harassment, and in some cases, violence as he voices his concerns of destruction to the natural environment around him. The story reads like an unbelievable soap opera involving organizations meant to help but somehow are ineffective in protecting environmentalists like Parajeles. Parajeles has dedicated his life […]

The History and Impact of the United Fruit Company in Costa Rica

Everything we see on the grocery shelf has a story. Some of those stories are more dramatic than others.  Bananas are one of those fruits that most of us have bought by the bunch since childhood, but the history of this tropical fruit may give you a reason to pause before you purchase the next […]

Environmental Impacts of Pineapple Plantations in Costa Rica

The high demand for fresh pineapple in North America and the UK proves detrimental to people living and working in the Global South. It has created a system where companies and consumers of the north benefit from high profits. At the same time, those in the growing regions of the south suffer from life-threatening environmental […]