Rancho San Fernando

Located in the mountains above San Jose, this property encompasses a diverse stretch of the stunning La Paz river valley, and it boasts one of the highest concentrations of waterfalls in Central America.


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Rancho San Fernando

Above the Central Valley of Costa Rica lies a stunning corridor of rainforest that is home to some of the most significant biodiversity and topography in the region. Less than an hour’s drive north of SJO airport amongst the coffee farms and rural villages lies a temperate mountainous landscape hosting the La Paz river valley, with its numerous waterfalls in an Eden-like environment. Set amid this lush rain forest is a property that hosts one of the highest concentrations of waterfalls and unspoiled hydrological/biological diversity in Central America.

Minutes from the capital


Rancho San Fernando is located 50-60 minutes north of the international San Jose airport (SJO) on the newly improved National Route 126 and is less than 1 kilometer from La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Peace Lodge.

San Fernando

Extensive investment in infrastructure (road, trails, viewpoints, drainage culverts, entrance gates, etc.) have prepared the land for immediate development with legal and municipal usage agreements in place. ICE (Instituto Centro Electridad) has just completed a power line project along Hwy 126, with a service box at the property entrance to be installed by Feb 2020. Availability of power and the property’s unlimited spring water sources will make permitting and master planning a straightforward process.

The government has recently completed comprehensive infrastructure and road improvements in the area that have benefited the entire region. Now a burgeoning tourism corridor with incredible biological and geological diversity with proximity to many of the country’s most elegant natural features; the area is primed for experiential and sustainable tourism, also sits in an important wildlife corridor.  There are few places like it in the world.

67 acres (26.6 HA)

6 Waterfalls

2 rivers

Miles of hiking trails throughout the property

New access road to the property

Features one of the tallest waterfalls in the country San Fernando Falls 312 ft

1 cabin on the property

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