The Why

Since 1872, 10 percent of the world’s natural areas have been protected by governmental parks and conservation programs across the globe. But according to scientists, that is still not enough. To avoid massive extinctions and to fight the changes in climate, at least another 10 percent of the world’s natural areas need to be protected within 50 years.

Grow Jungles, a non-profit 501[c]3 organization, seeks to add value to conservation by harnessing the power of technology and modern science and connect conservationists across the world to help further the protection and maintenance of Costa Rican rainforests.

Technology Used

By leveraging our platform to connect rural-land sellers to conservation-minded buyers, we can guarantee the preservation of these critical areas. There is a definitive need to accelerate conservation awareness and provide new solutions to the fundamental model of conservation. We seek to leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, to propel conservation in Costa Rica.

Working Together

We accomplish conservation by helping landowners protect and preserve the natural integrity of the properties they sell. This innovative, realistic approach has proven to be one of the best models for conservation. We are also assisting communities to create an eco-based economy while preserving rainforests, protecting endangered wildlife, and reintroducing endangered species. Conservation begins by bridging the gap between sellers and purchasers so that both parties understand and agree on the future of the land.